Denax (Pty) Ltd provides corporate and industrial digital workspace SCADA solutions targeted at reducing carbon emissions, reducing energy consumption, reducing operational costs, and harvesting accurate occupational/space utilization analytical data.

We design custom end-to-end solutions, supply and install all necessary components and offer remote monitoring, management and control services.

We integrate sensors, devices, gateways, protocol converters, software applications, and automation processes through custom API coding and encrypted transport protocols including MQTT and BACnet

Our solutions are designed to aggregate critical data and automatically respond to real time incoming data, ensuring that all systems remain within the desired pre-set parameters.








Denax provides integrated technologies and automation processes that assists businesses reduce their carbon footprint, optimize energy efficiency,  gather data for accurate space planning, and improve environmental conditions in the workplace by implementing custom, automated response mechanisms and converged application frameworks.

Our solutions provide a platform for businesses to monitor, manage, control and automate every component of their BMS and FMS environments, 

We integrate into new or existing BACnet and room automation systems through a combination of IoT sensors, gateways, edge devices, and software applications to intelligently manage systems such as HVAC VAV systems and other power-intensive heating/cooling systems. 

This reduces your companies carbon footprint, reduces energy consumption and operational costs by remotely activating, deactivating and controlling the use of devices and building infrastructure components through intelligent automation control. 

Our solutions deliver real-time automated responses to pre-defined metric parameters, by performing functions such as monitoring, management and control, self-diagnostics, self-healing, alerting & ticketing, real time status reports and custom dashboarding.

Many companies find it difficult in the hybrid workplace to gather accurate data concerning the number of users, frequency of use, or general utilization of office spaces, finding themselves statistically trapped locked into unnecessarily expensive lease/rental agreements  

Our solutions provide accurate detailed metrics reporting that can be used for space planning purposes, with sensors that measure occupancy and intelligently responding to metrics such as, eCO2, temperature, proximity, humidity, noise, TVOC’s, particle matter, light lux, vibration and almost any key metric required by our customers.

Reducing the number of times valuable technical resources need to travel to site also contributes to the reduction of carbon emissions, reduces travel costs and improves device uptime.

Remote monitoring, management and control and automated machine management allows companies to reduce the number of technical support resources required, lowering operational costs, opening the way to engage with skilled remote resources located anywhere in the world