Denax (Pty) Ltd is a Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition [SCADA] solutions company, committed to providing a comprehensive world-class suite of secure, reliable and efficient remote monitoring, management and control systems, including environmental sensors for real time data analytics, and other custom integrated workspace collaboration solutions.  

The Denax Services Portfolio combines a select range of innovative software applications, technologies and services that cater for the modern, operationally diverse workplace with bespoke solutions such as:

  • Environmental sensors solutions that accurately measure occupancy, room temperature, humidity, noise levels, TVOC levels and CO2 levels
  • Live interactive drone streaming into your Microsoft Teams or Zoom meetings that reduce travel costs and your companies carbon footprint as well as improving decision making time and faster time-to-resolution. 
  • Digital Workspace Solutions (DWS) providing effective audio and video privacy solutions for hot-desking and open spaces and pre-configured collaboration technologies, ergonomically built-into workplace furniture and fittings. 


Denax supports technologies that consider natural resources and foster socio-economic development. The technology we prefer to use in our solutions aim to foster a shift from non-biodegradable to biodegradable materials that can be recycled.

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