Regulations govern nearly every business, making regulatory compliance recording solutions a necessity for enterprises across a broad spectrum of industries.

Unlock the invaluable business intelligence locked up in your legacy data by making it accessible and actionable in a secure cloud environment with seamless integrations into a multitude of 3rd party service applications including Microsoft Teams, Zoom 

Our VERBATIM cloud recording platform offers enterprises a means of managing various regulatory requirements whilst providing a valuable solution for managing quality assurance and mining business intelligence at the same time.

Smart recording makes even smarter CX and business intelligence insights possible. Our AI-driven Voice Analytics puts your data to work for you.

FINANCIAL SERVICES: Verbatim protects enterprises with regulatory compliance recording for the world’s most tightly regulated financial services markets. PCI Compliant, FAIS Compliant, MiFiD II Compliant. Our award-winning solutions are leading the way in UC compliance.

MEDICAL: Because health and medical industries deal with highly sensitive and personal information, they tend to be acutely aware of potential exposure to liability. For them, regulatory compliance recording protects their organizations from legal exposure to both public government entities and private patients.

INSURANCE: Telephones, the Internet, and regulatory compliance recording really allow the insurance industry to operate today. Not only does compliant call recording allow insurers to instantly modify or enact policies with verbal approvals, but recordings can be invaluable in quickly settling claims and claim disputes.

CONTACT CENTERS: Contact centers exist to do business over the phone and Internet. As such, they serve a variety of industries and must meet numerous regulatory compliance recording requirements. Here, the financial-services-strength compliance and actionable business intelligence insights our solution provides are a substantial competitive advantage.

RETAIL BUSINESS: Even if your business doesn’t sell online or over the phone, customer service issues can still cause substantial difficulty. Although regulatory compliance recording may not be a primary concern for these enterprises, recording customer interactions will still help with training, customer experience management, and help resolve potential disputes.