UTELOGY is an award-winning agile software-based platform that greatly improves the overall user experience, reduces downtime and significantly lowers the total cost of ownership.

Streamlining and optimizing operational efficiencies, the platform greatly reduces the number of physical resources needed on site to manage and service the company’s technology estate from a single pane of glass.

Utelogy enables valuable insights and analytics with the ability to view all device metrics, check and provision firmware versions, receive alerts and notifications, and much more through customizable dashboards.


U-MANAGE is your single pane of glass for the configuration and design of dashboards to monitor and manage real time status metrics & alerts with selectable data filtering for custom portfolio and response management through a choice of BI data connectors & 3rd party REST API integrations


U-CONTROL provides the tools to deliver excellent technical support services from anywhere in the world with ubiquitos remote control of devices and user interfaces, eliminating the need for proprietory touch-displays or gateway processors


U-AUTOMATE enables customizable automation of standard processes such as system health-checks and pre or post meeting room readiness tests, optimizing the use of resources by facilitating large scale proactive preventative maintenance.


U-CONSOLE is a large scale deployment and provisioning platform that enables technicians to seamlessly set up and manage any combination of rooms or devices and swap out devices without having to replace hardware or completely re-program the system. 


U-ACCESS is the provisioning engine with full Active Directory integration that identifies, authenticates and manages user access levels and regulates the devices or features made accessible to users in a room.


U-COMPUTER presents the ability to remotely monitor, check, re-boot, activate and control a rooms PC & other connected USB peripherals as well as launch soft clients or office applications with full control of audio and video settings.

U-SERVER is the backbone of the Utelogy platform. It acts as the processor that allows you to use your own network to deliver AV services, making them simple to use, easy to deploy and secure. 

Supporting a software-defined approach to deployment and management. U-Server enables you to:

  • Centralize your entire eco-system for simple deployment and management, flexibility and economies of scale for significant cost savings.
  • Support and integrate any device or piece of equipment into your Utelogy system by adding simply it to the server.
  • Add rooms and spaces with integrated management tools that allow you to provision and configure rooms, devices, and user interfaces and seamlessly integrate them together.
  • The multi-tenant U-Server can power hundreds of rooms in a enterprise with support for VM and standard IT infrastructure, while the stand-alone version of U-Server allows you to implement a single room anywhere, even without enterprise LAN connectivity.

The Utelogy platform provides easy integration with Microsoft Teams Room (MTR) systems and devices for seamless control, monitoring and management to deliver actionable intelligence to the workplace, with call connection and presence status visibility and the ability to perform remote room-ready tests and receive instant alert notifications

Utelogy’s Zoom Room integration is an almost identical replication of the Zoom Room controller application and feature set, with live reports on the status of peripherals and health of your endpoints through the U-Computer platform. Refer to historical data, gather call-quality metrics, and manage calls with meeting invite and meeting join functions.